Partners of the SCCER FEEB&D

Academic Research Partners

Laboratory for Urban Energy Systems

Prof. Matthias Sulzer, Head SCCER FEEB&D

Viktor Dorer

Laboratory for Multiscale Studies in Building Physics

Dr. Dominique Derome

Prof. Dr. Jan Carmeliet

Chair of Building Physics

Prof. Dr. Jan Carmeliet

Dr. Kristina Orehounig

Automatic Control Laboratory

Prof. Dr. John Lygeros

Prof. Dr. Roy Smith

Group for Sustainability and Technology

Prof. Dr. Volker Hoffmann

Dr. Christof Knoeri

Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Scartezzini

Thermal Energy Storage

Dr. Ludger Fischer, Deputy SCCER FEEB&D

CC Power Economy

Prof. Dr. Christoph Imboden


Chair for Energy Efficiency

Prof. Dr. Martin Patel, Deputy SCCER FEEB&D

Institute of Energy in Building

Prof. Dr. Jürg Bichsel

Prof. Dr. Ralph Eismann