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Research highlights from phase I are online

April 27, 2017 News

In phase I (2014-2016), the SCCER FEEB&D developed new materials, components, systems and concepts with the goal to lead to a…

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Measuring the impact of a city’s buildings on the weather

March 17, 2017 News

A new model developed at EPFL can help engineers and meteorologists quickly calculate the effect that city buildings have on…

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Hand-over in the leadership of the SCCER FEEB&D

March 2, 2017 News

By the end of February 2017, Peter Richner handed-over the lead of the SCCER FEEB&D to Matthias Sulzer.Peter Richner was…

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Adaptive Solar Facade – solar tracking on the building envelope

February 28, 2017 News

In response to the variable nature of weather conditions and different comfort needs in interior spaces, the A/S Group at…

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Reconciling solar energy and heritage preservation

January 18, 2017 News

EPFL researchers have developed a method to assess the aesthetic impact of solar panels on buildings and to set objective…

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WarmUp Project: Pilot test for optimal utilization of the flexibility of thermal storage

January 4, 2017 News

Hot water tanks and the thermal inertia of buildings offer a great potential in flexibility. This type of energy storages…

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