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PV façade at Copenhagen International School

December 13, 2016 News

The PV façade at Copenhagen International School is the latest project of the SCCER FEEB&D partners EPFL-LESO and SwissINSO / Emirates…

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An innovative window system earns a European patent

December 6, 2016 News

A window-glazing system developed by an EPFL team from the SCCER FEEB&D uses micro-mirrors to improve the lighting and visual…

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HUES Platform at Google Summer of Code 2016

October 13, 2016 News

Every year Google Summer of Code pairs university students with mentors to hone their skills while working on open source…

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Change38: New market model to offer green energy from different production channels

October 12, 2016 News

The SCCER FEEB&D developed an innovative business model for the start-up In Situ Energy AG. The new market model offers…

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Windows that combine mobile reception and thermal insulation

August 31, 2016 News

Andreas Schüler and his research group at EPFL-LESO have developed a type of glass that offers excellent energy efficiency and lets…

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Solar photovoltaic electricity potential for Switzerland

May 19, 2016 News

Solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment on existing rooftops in urban areas is one of the most promising sustainable energy resources. Researchers from…

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