Research and Innovation Roadmap

Executive Summary

Close to 50% of the end energy demand in Switzerland is caused by buildings and should be reduced considerably according to the Energy Strategy 2050. The Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research “Future Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts” (SCCER FEEB&D) is addressing this challenge in a combined effort by leading partners from academia and industry.

The SCCER FEEB&D develops new materials, components, systems and concepts which will enable the reduction of the final energy demand of the Swiss building stock by a factor of five during the next decades. The SCCER FEEB&D is focusing on high performance insulation materials, advanced glazing and use of daylighting, integration of renewable energies in buildings, efficient operation of buildings and their integration into local multi-energy grids. To complete the holistic approach, socio-economic issues related to the implementation of these new concepts in practice are addressed as well.

The research and innovation roadmap describes the goals of the four work packages Building Envelope, Building Energy Management, Urban Decentralized Energy Systems and Market Diffusion and Implementation of Technologies and their contribution to the superior objectives of the Energy Strategy 2050.

Please click here to download the full version: SCCER FEEB&D Innovation Roadmap.