WP1: Efficiency at Building Scale


Energy mitigation solutions must focus on improving the efficiency of building envelopes and building services, while simultaneously optimising users’ comfort. Furthermore, fostering Building Human Interaction and improving user acceptance of the facility management shall maximize the solar energy utilization in buildings and reduce the energy performance gap. These objectives will be attained:

  • By coping with the performance gap and developing efficient building envelope
  • By fostering Building-Human Interaction
  • By improving building services and control


The focus is placed on averting the performance gap of buildings in daily life. The development of novel energy efficient building envelope/services technologies, as well as Building-Human Interaction, are considered for that purpose in order to maximize the solar energy utilization and mitigate the energy demand / greenhouse gas emissions in buildings. Scaling-up of lab technologies and implementation of explorative results into demonstration buildings (NEST) are targeted to foster energy/cost optimal retrofit solutions.