WP3: Energy Performance at Regional and National Scale


The main objective of work package 3 is to harness and to expand the solutions developed in work packages 1 and 2 to the regional and national scale. It is essential to conduct analyses at regional level and to scale these up to national level since local circumstances can differ considerably, e.g. with regard to economic structure (e.g. urban, rural, industrial; pre-existing infrastructure) and natural boundary conditions (e.g. local climate including urban heat island effects.

Phase II will substantially expand the analysis performed in phase I in terms of technical detail and temporal resolution. To this end, the GIS-energy database, initiated in phase I for the building stock in Switzerland, will be further developed to provide Swiss Energy Atlas Maps (static and dynamic maps). Solution pathways based on scenarios at regional and national level will be developed by combining energy demand reduction (especially energy retrofitting) in the built environment with increased use of renewable energy.

This will be achieved:

  • By spatio-temporal modelling of regional and national energy demand
  • By spatio-temporal renewable energy modelling at regional and national scale
  • By strategies for energy demand reduction and integration of renewables at regional & national scale


The development of optimized systems in work package 2 requires a good understanding of energy demand and the availability of energy resources in terms of geographical location at different scales and its variation over time, e.g. hourly.

Work package 3 is organized in three modules focusing on geo-statistics, urban climate modelling and big-data approaches to answer the underlying research questions and to propose innovative solutions.