Three Partners – One Pilot, One Method, One Energy Concept

WP3: Urban Decentralized Energy Systems

Should a landlord insulate his home when retrofitting is necessary? What heating system should he replace his oil burner with? Is an additional investment in photovoltaics reasonable? Sooner or later every landlord must address these kinds of energy related questions. The decisions they take have fundamental impacts beyond their own borders and on the entire municipality.

No wonder that proactive municipalities want to support landlords in their decision processes. But how?

The municipality of Wohlen bei Bern, the BKW Energie AG and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne developed a comprehensive energy concept for the municipal district of Uettligen that paves the way – for Wohlen and other municipalities.

Wohlen pursues the long-term goals of the 2000-Watt-society, benchmarks itself against the SIA 2040 objectives for emissions and energy usage, and strives to be a role model in their energy policies.

The main goals of this project were to provide a feasible and comprehensive energy concept for the selected pilot region Uettligen and thereby a template for an accelerated and more simplified roll-out in other areas and communities.

A main part of this project was the development of a sound and comprehensive method that allows developing local energy concepts. It incorporates the academic state-of-the-art, is adaptable, flexible, easy to use, and thus can be directly applied to different areas or communities.

Applying the method to the pilot region led to a holistic concept that not only comprised the development and technical aspects of an energy concept, but also the development of feasible business models.

The high involvement and diverse competencies of all project partners were an important factor for the project’s great success. Wohlen has a concept at hand and can commence the realisation in Uettligen as well as schedule a community-wide roll-out. BKW extended its competence in energy planning and providing holistic solutions for municipalities.

For more details, please contact Thomas Schluck, HSLU.