Holistic Urban Energy Simulation (HUES) platform launched

Recently the Holistic Urban Energy Simulation (HUES) platform was launched by the SCCER FEEB&D research partner Empa.

The HUES platform is an extendable simulation environment for the study of urban multi-energy systems. It consists of a growing array of modules and datasets which may be linked in different ways to address different problems in the domain of urban energy systems. Via its combined role as model repository and information management system, the HUES platform facilitates the integration and reuse of constituent modules, opening up possibilities to address the complexity of urban energy systems.

The HUES platform implements the approach of multi-model ecologies, which entails the cultivation of a set of resources that can be reused and recombined for different purposes. The structure of the platform is intended to facilitate this.

Detailed information about the platform is available here: HUES platform.