Multi-energy grid – The potential of thermal networks

Matthias Sulzer and Urs-Peter Menti from the ZIG of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts published an article on the potential of thermal networks in multi-energy grids in the journal Aqua & Gas no. 7/8 2015.


To take advantage of decentralized energy sources efficiently, it needs decentralized energy systems that can transform and save energy flows (electricity, heat and gas) on-site and as needed. A multi-energy grid combines the individual elements in a decentralized energy system. It is a technology open infrastructure at district and area levels. In the electricity sector, this development has proceeded far already at a local level. The thermal networking of buildings in districts and areas is an important component in the multi-energy grid. However, the potential of thermal networking is currently not sufficiently exploited.

The full version of the article is available for download here (German only).