NODES Lab – New concepts for heat networks

The test facility “New options for decentralized energy systems” (NODES lab) represents the thermal network of a simplified district with three consumers, one seasonal storage, and one heat supply at lab scale. The applied research concentrates on low temperature thermal networks (< 25°C) that can be operated bi-directionally with multiple heat sources and sinks. The infrastructural part of the network is in the focus: Heating and cooling profiles from consumers and suppliers are simulated via heat exchangers, the so called emulators.

The NODES lab concentrates on the enhancements of thermal grids (e.g. intermeshed networks) in a first phase. The second phase will extend the facility to allow for multi-energy grid considerations. Planners are confronted with the new complexity, by designing thermal grids for heating and cooling purpose. This research project aims at finding answers to the following questions:

  • What are the decisive characteristics of bi-directional low temperature grids with their consumers, supplier, distribution and storage components?
  • How to combine several sub-grids?
  • How to operate bi-directional grids efficiently and robust?

Project partners: