Paradigm shifts for the Swiss building sector to shape the future energy system

From 2014 until 2020, the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research on Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts (SCCER FEEB&D) developed solutions for the Swiss building stock aiming at a reduction of the environmental footprint of the sector by a factor of three by 2035 thanks to efficient, intelligent and interlinked buildings. The SCCER FEEB&D addressed this challenge in a combined effort by leading Swiss and international partners from academia, industry and the public sector.


Six paradigm shifts to support the transformation of the urban energy system

In essence, the SCCER FEEB&D research identified six paradigm shifts that relate to the building stock and support the transformation of the current into the future net-zero CO2 emission energy system:

  1. Urban renewables – the new fuel for energy systems
  2. Sharing – the new energy interaction approach
  3. Flexibility – the new supply security
  4. Capacity – the new energy performance indicator
  5. Algorithms & Data – the new assets of energy systems
  6. Cooling – the new heating challenge


Recommendations for transforming the Swiss building sector

The white paper of the SCCER FEEB&D discusses the effects and impacts of each of the paradigm shifts and its interrelations on future urban energy systems, as well as the research findings that contributed to them. The paper concludes with recommendations for transforming the building sector based on these paradigm shifts for the legislative body, public administration and professionals.
The full version of the white paper can be downloaded here.


Shape the future of Swiss energy research

The SCCER FEEB&D ended at the end of 2020, making room for new ideas, teams and innovations. The SFOE’s SWEET and SOUR funding programs and Innosuisse’s Flagship Initiative guarantee this renewal.

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