WP1: Efficiency at Building Scale


The focus is placed on averting the performance gap of buildings, a well-known but unsolved issue in daily life. The development of novel energy efficient building envelope/services technologies, as well as Human-Building Interaction, is considered for that purpose to maximize the solar energy utilization and mitigate the energy demand/GHG emissions in buildings. Scaling-up of lab technologies and implementation of explorative results into demonstration buildings (NEST SolAce/HiLo/ehub) is targeted to foster energy/cost optimal retrofit solutions.


The research activities within this work package are structured into three modules:

  1. Performance gap & building envelopes
  2. Building human interaction
  3. Building services and control

Research Partners

Empa, Laboratory for Urban Energy Systems

EPFL, Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory

ETH Zurich

  • Chair of Architecture and Building Systems
  • Automatic Control Laboratory

University of Geneva, Chair for Energy Efficiency

Hochschule Luzern, CC Electronics