SCCER FEEB&D: Science meets industry in four videos

On the occasion of the event Science meets Industry at the CISBAT 2019 conference, the SCCER FEEB&D created four videos on highly-relevant topics that are processed in the SCCER:

Full Renewable Energy Potential in Switzerland

Science meets Industry/Public Services to implement the latest research aiming to use Switzerland’s full renewable energy potential as rising temperatures are changing the energy use and comfort of buildings.

Energy Hub System Control

One of the hot topics today, energy hubs have great potential to optimize the use of renewables. In this video, Science meets Industry to implement the latest research in this field in the NEST pilot building at Empa in Dübendorf, Switzerland

Energy Performance Gap

Science and industry collaborate with the objective of matching designed and effective performance in high energy performance buildings, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Circular Economy

Building materials are recycled in newly developed procedures as researchers and industry are working together towards a circular economy in Switzerland.