Start into phase II of the SCCER FEEB&D at the Peak Session 2017

Phase II (2017-2020) of the SCCER FEEB&D started with a 2-day kick-off meeting at the SBB Centre Loewenberg in Murten with more than 60 participants from the SCCER’s research and industry partners.

After a successful completion of phase I the SCCER entered into phase II, which offers new challenges in research and opportunities in knowledge and technology transfer. The internal and external collaboration of the SCCER will be strengthened and expanded.

The Peak Session 2017 addressed these topics and laid the foundation for the next four years by integrating new topics and reshaping the cooperation of all partners.

The session focused on

  • Internal collaboration and synergies between the work packages
  • External collaboration and synergies with other SCCERs and potential new partners
  • Collaboration with industry as well as knowledge and technology transfer activities