WarmUp Project: Pilot test for optimal utilization of the flexibility of thermal storage

Hot water tanks and the thermal inertia of buildings offer a great potential in flexibility. This type of energy storages is already largely available and can be utilized for load management. Thermal inertia of buildings enables heat generation to be shifted in time without affecting the heat comfort within the buildings. Flexible control of heat pumps can be used for various application in the power system. With a holistic approach cost, efficiency, ecology and comfort can be optimized simultaneously.

The WarmUp project, coordinated by SCCER FEEB&D partner Misurio, investigates how the flexibility offered by thermal storages can be used optimally. The second phase of the project is a proof of concept in which the findings of WarmUp 1 are implemented on one of the energy systems in the contracting pool of ewz. The approach of the first phase could be implemented and the optimization sequence works well over all stages up to the conversion to set points for the machines. It is shown that the flexibility exists and can be utilized. Numerous valuable experiences were gathered with the connection of heat pumps. Recommendations are given such that future systems can be connected more easily (WarmUp ready criteria).

On January 1, 2017, a one year phase started in which the system is operated in WarmUp mode. Afterwards, using Key Performance Indicators, the WarmUp mode will be compared with the normal operation mode. It will then be possible to quantify the economic value of the flexibility. These results will be published, together with further findings from the integration of other buildings, in the final report of WarmUp 3.

For details please see WarmUp 2 Final Report.